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Removing a tooth is always a last resort, but doing so may be necessary when dealing with severe decay, infection, or a tooth with a poor prognosis.

Whether you’re currently in pain and need an emergency extraction, you need a wisdom tooth removed, or you’ve been told you need a tooth removed and want a second opinion, we’re here to help.

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tooth extraction in fertod
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When is a tooth extraction necessary?

A professional diagnosis is always needed to ensure that an extraction really is the best option for your dental health and future. Removing your tooth may be recommended if:

  • Wisdom teeth are causing or will cause overcrowding and/or pain
  • When decay or damage has made the tooth impossible to restore
  • Bone loss has occurred because of an oral infection


Will my dental insurance pay for a tooth extraction?

Many dental insurance plans will cover a percentage of your dental extraction procedure. However, it also depends on whether or not you’ve hit your yearly cap. Our team will help estimate your out-of-pocket cost based on your insurance plan. Give us a call to learn more (06 99) 537 035

Payment Options

Our office accepts most forms of insurance policies and bills all other providers. Our team will explain how your specific dental benefits apply to the cost of treatment.

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Frequently Asked
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We’ll help you know what to expect and provide specific aftercare instructions for you. In general, expect to take it easy and eat carefully for 2-3 days after an extraction.

Eat soft food and liquids for 24 hours after an extraction. Avoid hard, sharp, and sticky foods until you are fully healed.

Our team will ensure you are numb and comfortable during the procedure. After the extraction, we may prescribe medications to manage any discomfort or infection.

Every person is unique. If your wisdom teeth aren’t causing any problems, then there’s usually no reason to have them removed. If your wisdom teeth are causing problems, we’ll recommend removing them as soon as possible. Especially for teenagers, getting wisdom teeth extracted is a proactive way to prevent painful impaction, gum inflammation, and other issues in the future.


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