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Sinus Elevation Open vs Closed | Sinus Elevation in Fertod

Your sinuses are hollow channels behind the cheek and above the upper teeth. Some of the roots of the teeth extend up into these spaces. When those teeth are removed, sometimes there is only a thin wall of bone left separating the sinus and the mouth. This bone may not be a substantial enough base in which to place a dental implant.

Open sinus lifting is performed for those patients who have practically no bone tissue left and the implant simply cannot be fixed. A closed sinus lifting operation is needed if the patient still has about 3-4 mm of bone. In any case, you will undergo a full medical examination, take an x-ray, after which our specialist will already determine in what way it would be better to build up the bone.

Possible Reasons for
Sinus Lift Procedure

  • Not enough room to place an implant due to the small jaw size
  • Large sinus, resulting in little room for dental implant
  • Bone loss, commonly occurring in regions where teeth have been extracted, which requires a build-up of bone to stabilize the implant
  • Bone damage or pathologies, such as tumors or cysts
  • Anatomical considerations, such as the location of sinuses, nerves, blood vessels, and roots of adjacent teeth
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Will my dental insurance
cover sinus elevation | Sinus Elevation in Fertod

Many dental insurance plans will cover a percentage of your dental extraction procedure. However, it also depends on whether or not you’ve hit your yearly cap. Our team will help estimate your out-of-pocket cost based on your insurance plan. Give us a call to learn more (06 99) 537 035

Sinus Elevation Cost

  • Sinus Elevation Closed €450
  • Sinus Elevation Open €900

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Frequently Asked
Questions | Sinus Elevation in Fertod

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Sinus elevation is a straightforward procedure that is performed in-office and is usually completed in 90 minutes or less. The patient is first numbed with local anesthetic (sedation options are also available) and a small incision is made in the gums. The graft is then placed and sealed to the desired area before stitches are placed.

Bone material has traditionally been collected from other areas of the patient’s body. However, in recent years, more effective and less invasive options have emerged. The material can be synthetically made, donated from cadavers, or come from other animals such as cows.

Though recovery time will depend somewhat on your specific situation, most people can expect to feel completely back to normal after a week or two. Patients often experience some discomfort or soreness in the days following the procedure, which can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Sinus elevation dentistry can be helpful for anyone with bone loss in the jaw or mouth. If you’ve lost a tooth, the jaw bone becomes weaker each passing day, and a sinus elevation can ensure that your jaw is supportive enough to handle a dental implant.


A simultaneous tooth extraction with sinus elevation surgery is also common for patients who require the removal of a tooth.

While you should feel better after a week or two, the actual bone won’t be ready to support an implant for about 3 to 4 months after the procedure.


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