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Get ready to be thrilled with your smile (and your dentist). If you want to turn heads, or simply need a fear-free dentist, we’re here to help. We use cutting edge technology for stunning results. Not to mention, we offer an incredible, text-your-friends-about-it patient experience.

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When problems arise, dont wait. We offer same-day appointments to get you out of
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What We Do Best | Cosmetic Dental Care

We believe in creating lifetime relationships by giving our customers positive experiences (and really beautiful teeth). Keep up on your routine 6-month cleanings and we’ll keep you smiling long after your cosmetic treatment is done:

Medident Cosmetic Dental Care

Welcome to your
cosmetic dental care visit

Come on in! Use an iPad to check in and fill out your patient forms. We’ll escort you back to a patient room soon — our average wait time is around 5 minutes.

Medident General Dental Care

Choose Your Enhancements

Work 1-on-1 with your dentist to pick the best cosmetic treatment to meet your visison:

With early detection technology, advanced imaging, and safe filling materials, addressing tooth decay is easier than ever.

Sit back, relax, and catch up on your favorite show while we brighten your smile a shade or two with our professional teeth whitening strategy.

Thin, custom-made shells that fit around your teeth to improve their appearance. Usually made of porcelain or resin, veneers change the shape, color, length, or size of your teeth.

This part is all for you

Transparent pricing

At Medident, the cost of general dentistry treatment is affordable and transparent.

A Dental Spa

A warm compress - time to relax and have some fun.

State-of-the-art tech

Comfortable 3D x-rays done in seconds! Provides better diagnosis for more personalized care.

Efficient Care

We know you’re busy. Your time with us will be efficient and well worth it

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Whitening for Life

Medident General Dental Insurance


We’ve got you covered

Your coverage at Medident Dental Clinic in Fertod, Hungary is applied similarly as if you had your dental treatment carried out in your home country. This coverage applies to EEA Citizens Only.

No insurance? Cash and card payments are always accepted.